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Evangelist Darryl S. Zingre


 Dear Preacher:

 My desire is to serve you and your local church for the cause of revival. After pastoring for 20 years, I believe the most "desired vessel" God determines to use to stir the embers of revival in our local New Testament Baptist Churches and in our nation is the pastor.

 Would you pray and allow me to be "your servant" to assist you with stirring the hearts of your people to humble themselves and seek God's face for a great awakening in our land? As a local church evangelist I've seen the "Hand of God" move among the "seeking remnant" in our churches in such a marvelous way so as to believe that God's people are thirsting and longing for a return to the Old Paths.

 My passion, my burden, and my one cause is revival for our day! I'm willing to serve you and your local church in any type of special meeting for the glory of God. Call on me.  



Independent • Fundamental • Baptist • KJV