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Valley Baptist Church
2480 Wolf Road
Oswego, IL 60543
David Hemphill, Pastor
Website:Valley Baptist Church


As Pastor of the Valley Baptist Church, I would love to recommend Evangelist Darryl Zingre. Brother Zingre is a faithful servant of the Lord who has pastored for over 20 years and provides a great "well" to draw from. He is a man of integrity and character. He is not just a man looking for a meeting, He is a man of God seeking the power of the Holy Spirit to help encourage and strengthen believers in today's tumultuous climate. When Brother Zingre is not preaching a meeting, he is a consistent soulwinner and faithful member of our church. I pray that you would consider having Brother Zingre for a revival or special meeting. I know your heart will truly be blessed.

Pastor David Hemphill

Valley Baptist Church

Oswego, IL

Independent • Fundamental • Baptist • KJV