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April 18, 2018

Dear Brethren,

    The winter months were slow as far as the opportunity for preaching meetings. However, God knew that I would need additional time here at home as my Mother of 83 years old turned very sick with stage 4 cancer during the first week of November 2017. She eventually passed away on March 27, 2018, and I was able to assist her in the intervening months with many end of life needs and details. Also, I was able to remind and encourage her from the scriptures of God's promises and desires in preparing to meet Him. Thankfully, while pastoring in Morris, IL I was able to lead her to make a profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and I baptized her two years later at the age of 65. So as always, God knows best concerning my preaching schedule, and I praise Him for giving me ample time and opportunities to encourage her toward Him during her last months of life.

    I did however in March of 2018 get to preach again at Victory Baptist Church in Mansfield, OH where I have preached many times over the years as a local church evangelist witnessing God do some marvelous things in our revival meetings. Additionally, I continued to serve on the advisory council of the RevitaLife Services and write for the Broken Pieces News Journal.

    I'm excited about the many meetings I have scheduled for the spring, summer, and fall months of 2018. It's always a thrill and blessing for me to serve God and His people in the local churches where I'm called to preach. I'll report to you on many of these meetings in my next letter during the mid-summer months. In the meantime, continue to pray for us, and please accept our heartfelt thanks for your faithful financial support.


For the Old Paths
Evangelist Darryl S. Zingre 



Independent • Fundamental • Baptist • KJV