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January 31, 2018

Dear Brethren,

  In the year 2017, God opened many doors to preach His Word and to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. We delighted in the local churches He sent us to and were blessed by the pastors and people we came along side of for the gospel's sake. It was evident that God was moving in hearts as I preached and many decisions were made for the glory of God. My compelling burden yet remains a genuine revival sent from God to His people in our local churches. Near to the heart of God is His willingness to pour out His Spirit upon the thirsty and longing soul. Our God is faithful therefore we can trust Him at His Word for revival.

  My preaching opportunities involved Revival Meetings, Evangelistic Meetings, College Chapels, Church Anniversary Meetings, and Pulpit Supply. One of the highlights of the year was the opportunity to teach a Men's Leadership Conference during a weekend retreat where approximately ten men from a local church were sincerely striving to be all that God wanted them to be. The response from the men was great, and the fellowship strengthened all of us.

  The two Church Rescues I have had the blessing to oversee in the past two years have now called pastors and are striving to move forward for God, for which I praise Him and commend the people. My writing ministry continues with a readership of 800 subscribers. My articles are hard-hitting and compassionate, with an emphasis on addressing the apostasy and apathy permeating the professing church in America. The response has been good from those saints who truly long for revival, and God has a remnant yet who are fully surrendered to Him.

  We have not had much consistent contact with Barbara and Peyton who were saved in my meetings recently. Please continue to pray that God would be able to capture their hearts in full surrender.

  Our heartfelt gratitude and thanks go to all of you who are faithful prayer warriors and financial supporters of our ministry. May 2018 be the year that God breaks through and brings revival to His church. 

For the Old Paths


Evangelist Darryl S. Zingre 



Independent • Fundamental • Baptist • KJV