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November 30, 2016


Dear Brethren,

  Since my last report letter dated August 10, God has opened many doors for me to preach and minister in churches. In the month of September, we were in the state of Michigan preaching in five churches and one Christian school over the course of nearly three weeks. Four of the 5 churches I had never preached in before, and God granted my wife and I the precious privilege of meeting these good pastors, their families, and the people of their respective churches. And as always for me, it was a delight to preach to the young people and staff in the Christian school. In these meetings, God moved in hearts and the response was good, so we praise Him for answering prayer and fulfilling His Word.

  In October, I preached two revival meetings and a one day meeting during the last three weeks of the month. God empowered my preaching with the Holy Spirit brooding over the hearts of those in attendance, and many were challenged to surrender their lives wholly unto the Lord. The pastors of these churches were encouraged knowing that God was stirring the hearts of all for personal and corporate revival. I'm so thankful to God that His Word never returns unto Him void, and that His Word is quick, powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword!  

  Throughout November, I've taught and preached each Lord's Day witnessing again the graciousness of God to challenge and bless the hearts of those present to draw nigh unto Him. Also, I've accepted oversight of another "church rescue" in Tuscola, IL. This church and people present themselves as a wonderful opportunity for the next pastor to lead and establish a vibrant, soulwinning church in the area.

  In closing, the church in northwest Illinois that I assisted as a church rescue ministry over the spring and summer months, still needs your prayers for God's guidance in seeking a pastor with a genuine and determined burden for that work and area. So, please pray for the church in Tuscola and for this church in northwest Illinois. Also, pray for the nurturing of Peyton Jones' spiritual growth, a 12 year old boy who walked the aisle during the invitation at the close of my preaching on November 27, and trusted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. Praise God! And thank you for praying for us, in addition to your faithful support


For the Old Paths


Evangelist Darryl S. Zingre 



Independent • Fundamental • Baptist • KJV